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Charann W. M

Charann is the Primary formulator and researcher of all the products. She studied Organic Cosmetic Formulation through a UK remote course in order to learn how to develop safe, clean and beneficial products for Virgin Magnolia. Charann is also the Advertisement Manager, Graphic & Web designer and The Co-Owner of Virgin Magnolia Pure & True.

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Charmarie W. V

 Charmarie is the Director of Communications & Marketing, and  Product Consultant. She deals with the extensive ordering of all organic ingredients to make it possible to create our products .

She is also The Co - Owner of Virgin Magnolia Pure & True.


Company Ethics 

Here at VM Beauty, we research vigorously for the best organic grade quality ingredients to 
use in all of our products.

 We pride ourselves in going the extra mile
 from our product ingredients down to Eco-friendly packaging. 

At Virgin Magnolia, it's more than production, 
it's about providing an at-home spa experience.


Virgin Magnolia, Purely beneficial and Truly wonderful. 

DOHF_Diploma in Organic Haircare Formula
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