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Our products are meant to aid in daily styling and protective styling to help keep your hair healthy, manageable and moisturized.


The collection was created to be light enough for low porosity hair to absorb moisture and have enough sealing properties for high porosity hair to benefit as well.


1. The Refresh & Shine Rosemary + Boabab Spray is the first product to be used on your hair.  It can be used to refresh old styles or right after washing and conditioning to restyle. Spray the hair before you go to bed at night to prevent the hair from drying out overnight.


2. The Rosemary + Babassu Moisturizer should always be applied to damp hair. A little goes a long way. Should be applied to the hair only, not to the scalp. For a healthy scalp only use rinse off of products of oils on the scalp.


3. The Daily oil Therapy can be used as a hot oil treatment, to massage the scalp or to seal the moisture into the hair. If your hair is normal to high porosity and you need something a bit thicker for your hair to seal the ends, our body butter is pretty perfect.

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