The Importance of Moisture

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Making sure that you're not drowning or starving your hair.

As you all know Virgin Magnolia is taking its next venture to the hair aisle. We're so excited about this new line because we love all hair so much, especially natural hair. As naturally educated ladies ourselves, we have had to study and research to build knowledge about natural hair, so it is incumbent upon us that our new hair product line highlights the hair issues that we know are important to the health of your hair.

This blog will always be a great place to come and get hair tips! Once our products drop we will teach you how to probably use each one to manage your hair more easily and see the length retention you want

#Hair Goals

Today let's talk about moisture; as I have said in earlier blogs moisture is the lifeblood of hair health. But did you know that you can over-moisturise your hair to its detriment? Or you can neglect the moisture element for your hair to its detriment. Let's talk about both.

Over moisturising

Many women don't think that this is a thing, but I assure you it is. Especially if the moisturising products you're are using are full of protein. Yes, protein is good for your hair, based on what your hair's porosity is. However, all hair does not need added protein! So, if your hair has low porosity, and the moisturising products that you're using to add moisture have protein in them, you will be over-moisturising your hair. And, no, over-moisturising does not mean super moisturised. It actually means clogging your hair shaft and minimising the amount of moisture that your hair is actually able to absorb, resulting in dry brittle hair. Rule of thumb is this your hair only needs protein once a week, based on porosity even less. As we stress here at VM Beauty, know your hair's porosity so you can be sure you're giving your hair the best care based on its needs.


Now let's talk about the flip side, not focusing enough on making sure that your hair regiment consists of adding moisture to your hair. Many women feel as if just adding a daily moisturiser, and maybe oil to their hair is enough, I assure you it's not.

First things first, we don't necessarily want the moisture from our hair to come from what we add daily, we want it to come from our conditioning. It's is imperative that you're deep conditioning your hair at least every two weeks, some women depending on their hair type and porosity may need it more frequently. This way your hair's moisture is being maintained by the hair's health first, this means that with every conditioning the hair is getting what it needs to take care of itself. This way, daily moisturisers, and oils are used to replenish moisture lost through the week, not your hair's only source of moisture. Then you can limit how much product you use, only adding what you need to maintain the moisture received during deep conditioning. Lastly, but not least, do not forget to add water to your hair when adding moisturisers and oils. Do not put a daily moisturiser on dry hair, or all you will do is seal in the dryness. Take a spray bottle and spritz your hair as desired and then add a moisturiser. This will limit the amount of product that you need, and make sure that your hair is actually sealing in moisture, which is water, and locking it in to stay.

As always, we will have hair tips and advice here for all your hair needs.



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