"Bermuda Naturals" has arrived!

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

I know that we've been gone for a while ladies, and hadn't given you a blog post.

Please forgive us, we were working hard getting this newest Virgin Magnolia Hair Care Collection available to you.

Now today September 30, 2020, it has finally arrived!

We are so thankful to God for this opportunity to share this collection with you.

This has been our dream here at VM Beauty for a long time, and now it has been realized.

Let us introduce the Virgin Magnolia "Bermuda Naturals" Hair Care Collection, formulated especially for natural hair. This collection features All Natural and Organic Botanical ingredients such as Macerated Rosemary Oil, and other exotic oils and humectants. We have formulated this new collection just for you in our newly updated factory, let's talk about it!


This Collection is a 3 part system:

Rosemary + Babassu Moisturiser

Refresh & Shine Rosemary + Baobab Spray

Daily Therapy Oil

Every part of this collection focuses on moisture retention, stimulating hair growth, and damage prevention.

Rosemary + Babassu Moisturiser

Our Rosemary + Babassu moisturiser does exactly what it says! It supplies the hair with humectants, emollients, smoothing agents, and moisture to give your hair the boost that it needs before placing it in a long term style. Infused with Macerated Rosemary Oil + Babassu Oil, this moisturiser is packed full of moisture adding agents that will not weigh your hair down and will penetrate the hair shaft. No matter what your hair type or porosity type, this mosituriser will hydrate your hair, define your curls, and leave your hair soft and manageable.

Refresh & Shine Rosemary + Baobab Spray

Our Refresh & Shine Rosemary + Baobab Spray brings in the water your hair needs to carry nutrients into the hair. The spray is packed with botanicals that are superfoods to your hair! Our spray can be used to keep hair hydrated and healthy while in protective styles or to rehydrate after taking down a style. Refresh your hair with this Rosemary + Baobab infused spray. Allow the super hydrating qualities of Rosemary and the enriching qualities of Boabab refresh hair, hydrate hair, define curls, increase manageability, and prevent breakage. For the best results use with the Rosemary + Babassu