5 Hair Enemies

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

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If you find that your hair is loosing elasticity, and having little to no length retention and you are loosing curl definition these are clear signs your hair is damaged.

The question is do you know why?

Today we will go over the 5 things that are damaging your hair and holding you back from seeing the health and growth you want.

These are your 5 hair enemies:

1. UV Radiation / The Sun

UV Radiation / The Sun Both UVA and UVB radiation can cause photo-degradation of the hair. This means that they damage the keratin and melanin in the hair, keratin is a protein that is very important for protecting the hair shaft and melanin is responsible for your hair's colour and shine. The UV radiation from the sun can break down hair proteins used to protect hair and damage the hair strand.

Ladies, we know that summer has been marked as the season to let your hair down , but for those that have weaker hair strands more prone to breakage you must heed to this advice if you want the results.

Ways to minimize UV radiation damage: If you’re going to the beach, or for a walk to get some exercise or staying in the sun all day, be sure to wear a hat. Some will decide to do protective styling in the form of wigs or extensions which is great. Just be sure you are still moisturising your hair underneath and not leaving certain styles in for more than 3 weeks at a time.

2. Heat

Many people use hair dryers, flat irons, straighteners, curling irons, hot curlers and other tools that use heat in order to style the hair. These tools can heat the moisture inside of the hair to such an extent that the hair strand becomes damaged and the cuticle allows greater porosity. Making the hair drier.

Now don't get me wrong, simply using heat does not automatically mean that your hair is or will become damaged. In most cases, healthy hair will only experience heat damage with excessive use of heat or using heat appliances at temperatures of 450F or more for extended periods of time. However, there is a heat-safe zone that you need to know about so that you can be sure to keep your hair safe from damage.

Hair type heat-safe zone

  • For Fine hair keep the heat no higher 360 F

  • For Normal to Medium thickness hair, keep the heat between 360-390 F