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Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Have you ever wondered why your feet still hurt even after going to your favourite spa and getting pampered? Foot health is your responsibility and you shouldn't just wait to get to the spa to take care of them, your feet are just as important as your face!

Why you should start scrubbing your feet regularly!

Daily, our feet are subjected to a great deal of stress. We spend most of the day on our feet, crammed into tight shoes and smothered in socks, exposing them to heat, dust, and pathogens. And most of us don’t even think about treating our feet for all of their hard work.
Your face and arms may have a complex day and night skincare routine. But how well do you look after your feet?


#footlove - Sis! Stop neglecting your feet!

Your feet are the most neglected area of your body, whether you agree or not. However, there are numerous reasons why you should treat it with similar care.

Most of us love getting pampered and consider going to the spa to get pedicures is our self-care time, but should you be caring for yourself as well?

Dr. Suzanne Levine, celebrity podiatrist and author of "My Feet Are Killing Me," says a pedicure here and there isn't enough when it comes to foot care.