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 "Finding the right hairstyles to match your personality & style can be hard."

This page is dedicated to giving you inspirations of what you can do with a little patience and persistence.


Stylish chunky flat twist

Great everyday style. For low maintenance personalities.

 To achieve this look you can use our recommended products.

Tip! Always use our products on damp hair to properly saturate your hair.

Babassu + Rosemary

Moisturizer  Hair Therapy oil

Jumbo Bantu Knots

This edgy ethnic style will make a picture pop!

Perfect protective style, setting for bomb curls & a cute fashion-forward look.

Tip! Use Spray First then follow by oil and Moisturiser combo!

BN hair cream cut.png

Perfect for stretching your natural curl and preparing your hair for a bomb twist out!


This style can be refreshed and worn out for days with the right hair care system.

Medium Twists Natural 

Protective Style

Rosemary + Baobab 

Spray, Rosemary + Babassu Moisturizer & Hair Therapy oil


Rosemary + Baobab 

Spray, Rosemary + Babassu Moisturizer & Hair Therapy oil

Oil Therapy

Small  Twists Natural Protective Style

 This style is for someone that plans to wear it for an extended  & restyle.

This style is perfect for those that want to keep a low maintenance routine with their hair to see growth without the use of extensions!

Tip! Spray and oil twists every day or as needed to keep moisture coming and & to prevent breakage and knots.

Braid outs/Twist outs

When you have had your braid out or twist out in long enough and you have been regularly feeding your hair to keep its moisture levels up with our refresh and shine spray, then you are ready for a bomb twist out or braid out!

Tip! Be sure to use Our Oil Therapy to undo your twists or braids to not create any unnecessary knotting.


Rosemary + Baobab 

Spray & Oil Theray

Extention Protective Styling

When your hair is in any extension styling it's important to keep getting moisture to your hair.

Your hair needs water and nutrients to keep growing healthy and strong, so if it's not getting that it can grow weak and frail.

Tip! Spray our Refresh and shine spray in the morning followed by the oil and the same routine at night before bed!

Rosemary + Baobab 

Spray, Rosemary + Babassu Moisturizer & Hair Therapy oil

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