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Going Green Initiative

Here at Virgin Magnolia Pure & True, 

we are very concerned about the state of our environment.

The damage that the one use plastic epidemic has had on our environment concerns us. We are determined to do our part as a company not to add to the problem.

So we are implementing our Going Green initiative. 

The symbol of recycling

Most of our products are packaged in multi-use plastic containers and cardboard packaging.

Our bags are made from paper and our plastics are re-usable & recycled!

As a part of our going green initiative, you can now bring your empty bottles back to us! 

To take part all you have to do is USE - RETURN - SAVE. USE your VM Beauty products, RETURN the bottles and containers to participating stores, or return them at the delivery of your new products, and SAVE 15% off of your next online order. That’s it! Help us to keep more plastic from our oceans. * This 15% off offer only valid on the next online order and not on in-store purchases through partner stores.

Participating store:

Lacquered Lounge 

Sommers Warf

16 Water Street 

St. George's Bermuda GE 05


We do this to do our part in the green movement and we want our customers to know that shopping with us, is shopping with a Green Conscious Company.

This is our Going Green Initiative for more information on how to participate contact us through our contacts page.

A Globe with leaves around it signifying a green planet

              Thanks again for Shopping with us at Virgin Magnolia Pure & True

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